What’s happening in the Seattle area?

Department of Planning and Development – Shoreline Master Program Update The DPD (Department of Planning and Development) is revising the 22 year old Shoreline Master Program (SMP). From the DPD website… The SMP constitutes the policies and regulations governing development and uses on and adjacent to marine and freshwater shorelines. This includes the waters of [...]

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Proclamation: Seattle Houseboat Day

November 1st is a proud day for Houseboat Owners as Mayor McGinn signs the proclamation making November 1st, Seattle Houseboat Day.  A small, but iconic on-water Seattle neighborhood has been fighting for their existence for the last 3 years, and only recently has seen a change in policy direction that will result in permitting the [...]

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Mayor McGinn to Work With Houseboat Owners

BREAKING NEWS: Mayor McGinn to Work With Houseboat Owners After 3 long years of negotiations, testimonies, extensive letter writing campaigns, and numerous meetings, houseboat owners may be able to breath a sigh of relief.  Mayor Mike McGinn has indicated he will work with Houseboat owners to reach an equitable solution to the question: "Do houseboat-vessels [...]

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