Seattle Houseboat: Island Otter SOLD!!!

Nautical Seattle Houseboat Island Otter $379,000 SOLD!!! Listed and Sold by Special Agents Houseboats! 1080 W. Ewing Slip W-13, Seattle, WA 98119 Island Otter Houseboat is a wonderfully designed and beautifully constructed Houseboat located in Seattle on the Ship Canal at the Nickerson Street Marina. Spacious living areas, beautifully designed Kitchen, a full bathroom with [...]

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Seattle Houseboat: Just Sold! EMMA

Presenting "Emma" - $185,000 (SOLD!!!!!) Listed and Sold by Special Agents Houseboats! 2401 N. Northlake Way Slip L-6, Seattle, WA 98103 Bring your tools and make this your little paradise on the water At only $185,000, here's your chance to get a little sweat equity. Raise the roof. Expand up to 120 square feet. Update [...]

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What’s happening in the Seattle area?

Department of Planning and Development – Shoreline Master Program Update The DPD (Department of Planning and Development) is revising the 22 year old Shoreline Master Program (SMP). From the DPD website… The SMP constitutes the policies and regulations governing development and uses on and adjacent to marine and freshwater shorelines. This includes the waters of [...]

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