Living on the lake can take the form of a Condo, Home, Houseboat, Floating Home, House Barge or Liveaboard.
Here’s some information on each of these categories. If you are looking to live on or around Lake Union and would like get detailed information on what is available, click here.


Many condos provide views of the lake and city. They can range in price from $200,000 to $3 Million and, depending on location, may offer peek-a-boo views or spectacular views of the lake with the Seattle in the background.


Waterfront Homes

Waterfront homes for sale on Lake Union are a rarity, for the simple reason, there are not that many waterfront homes. Most of the waterfront properties on and around lake union are either houseboats or Condos. The remainder of the lakefront is devoted to commercial endeavors.


Houseboats come in many flavors. With sizes ranging from a small, single-room office, to spacious homes, virtually indistinguishable from those built on land. While you will not pay real estate taxes on Houseboats, you will typically pay dock fees and sales tax.

If living on the lake sounds appealing to you, then you should read about Buying a Houseboat. There are significant differences between purchasing a home and purchasing a houseboat.

Floating Homes

The floating home community in Seattle is one of just a few floating home communities across the United States. Floating Homes evoke romance as indicated by the this floating home, made famous by the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ which was filmed on and around Lake Union. These floating homes line the banks of Lake Union and Portege Bay and offer a lifestyle that is unique to Lake Living. Friendly neighbors, wildlife, boats, sailing, seaplanes, eclectic Lake Homes, are just part of what you see as a Floating Home owner.

Lake Living