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There are tons of things to do around Lake Union.

seaplaneHow about… take a seaplane ride, dine on the waterfront, hop on board the Fremont Ice Cream boat, learn the sport of sculling, go kayaking, take in the Center for Wooden Boats, fly kites at gasworks, jog around the Cheshiahud trail, go biking on the Burke Gilman trail, go fishing, go sailing, go shopping, buy a yacht, spend a weekend on a houseboat, shoot some pool at Gillians, get married on a boat, get married at the Lake Union Crew, take in Gasworks Park, check out the nightlife at one of the local hotspots, the list goes on and on…

On this page, we will point out some of the local attractions, events, and venues that will be of interest to those on and around Lake Union.


We have some great options for waterfront (and non-waterfront) dining. Check out these places…

  • Canlis – 5 star dining with views of Lake Union
  • Chinook’s on Ship Canal. One of our favorites, this Anthony’s restaurant has great food, is lively, and has outdoor dining on the Ship Canal at Fisherman’s Terminal. Get to it by boat or car.
  • Ivars Salmon House – Over the water dining at the north end of lake union. Views to the city. Northwest tradition.
  • Daniel’s Broiler – Enjoy some of the best steak in Seattle while taking in the views of the lake.
  • Chandlers Seafood – World’s finest crab, freshest seafood, and USDA prime steaks.
  • BluWater Bistro – overlooking the spectacular Lake Union waterfront, it is the “in spot” since its 1997 opening.
  • I Love Sushi – on Lake Union proudly serves innovative and traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Joey’s – Waterfront – Where big tastes shine through new world cuisine and a charged atmosphere melds with hip comfort.
  • Duke’s – Customer says… “It’s this little jewel box at Chandler’s Cove in South Lake Union”  – Informal, fun, reasonable.
  • China Harbor – Waterfront dining on the east side of Lake Union


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